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You owe it to your stakeholders to continue positive momentum. Things that were previously ad lib entrepreneurial tasks must now become formalized processes
- Marketing asset management
- Sales opportunity management
- Lead creation and nurturing

I'm successful when my client has evolved from a "status quo" comfort zone to the next level where enthusiastic employees are enhancing their skills and process expertise in order to achieve business goals.

Situation: "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."                  The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Challenge: You don't understand your internal and external situation well enough to shape your strategies.

Solution:  A consistent strategy will steer time bounded tactics towards measurable goals.

Results: You will achieve customer, employee, process and financial goals

I will help you to design and implement the right lead generation process to fill your sales funnel.  But more importantly, I will help you to manage sales opportunities to closure through Value Selling.

Situation: If I continue at my current rate, what will my business be like next year?

Challenge: Can I make my business better? Are we retaining the right customers? Can/should we entice lost accounts to return?  Should I upgrade the customer base?  How do we find new customers?  Should we offer other services? How do we fare Vs. competition as our benchmark?

Solution: Your answers to the challenge questions will guide the creation of your BizD program that will be oriented towards market penetration, market development or product development.

Results: You will execute an ongoing multifaceted process for gaining new customers, penetrating markets,  and managing market segment and capabilities portfolios.

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