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Create emotional attraction to your company and its products

Your company is a collection of Success Stories.  Successful marketers tell stories that relate to a buyer's situation and answer two questions for them; namely, what can you do for them and prove that you can really do it. Stories reassure prospects that you've met similar challenges before through solutions that work.  They shine a favorable spotlight on your business.

My clients are skilled at StorySelling.  Success Stories are a key weapon in their marketing arsenal.  For example  Pat Munger Construction Company.

Facilitating a Quality Review with your customer after a recent sale or project will earn the right for you to write a success story about their challenge, your solution and the results they enjoyed.

Video Testimonials Benefit Every Stage Of The Customer Life-Cycle
· Awareness: attract targets to your website
· Pre-purchase: engage prospects to investigate your product more thoroughly
· Purchase: video can help to shorten the sales cycle
· Loyalty: educate and create a community of fan

. Vein Centers of Connecticut video testimonials by its clients

Cost effective sources of customer experience feedback

Immediate feedback during each phase of the buying cycle is invaluable to a savvy business pro.  Understand if customers are 100% satisfied.  Will they refer you to others?  You can also test new ideas.

Click here if you'd like to discuss how Success Stories and Online Surveys can help your business development results.