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Referrals Drive Consistent Capacity Utilization

Situation: Strong competition, regulations are tightening; imposing co-pays.

Challenge: Informed consumers search for the best specialty providers but most prefer being referred by their PCP. But, their primary care physician may not be totally educated on the essentials of each specialization, nor aligned with a best in class provider, so they aren't always confident to make the right referral.

Solution: A push/pull strategy attracts and nurtures referral partners.  The push strategy involves a direct selling model.  The pull strategy involves consumer marketing campaigns.

Results: Specialty providers optimize their marketing ROI by deriving more than 80% of their business through referrals. Strong relationships result in consistent bookings from educated PCPs and complementary practices who win when their patient says "thanks for referring me".

"John: Thank you very much for your insightful, complete and, most importantly, helpful assessment. I will distribute among the partners and get back to you as to the next steps with you and NBRA / Vein Centers.  Thank you very much for your time, experience, innovation and enthusiasm."                 Kevin Dickey, MD Vein Centers of Connecticut and New Britain Radiology Group

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