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Situation: Specialty manufacturers design products to be a subsystem within a total solution provided by an OEM value chain member.  Building lifetime relationships with OEMs is mission critical for your business.

Challenge: You need an effective relationship driven OEM business development program that thrives through integrated sales, marketing and support processes.

Solution: A well designed sales process [field, inside, web] is franchised through your CRM system. Your support program insures 100% customer satisfaction.  Marketing weapons enable you to be consistent and effective in your messaging.

Results: Collaborative OEM relationships produce increased sales, higher margins, more new products, and new OEMs.

"You were a 'fast study'.  We were very impressed with how quickly you were able to grasp the concepts of our business and what we are trying to accomplish.  This enabled you to contribute very quickly."    George Koether, CEO, FAST, Inc.

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