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Situation: Residential service providers deliver one solution for customers who purchase multiple complementary products and services.

Challenge: You need to retain and grow your customers and attract new prospects through highly productive and consistent sales, marketing and support processes.  Rather than being viewed as a standalone service provider for an individual customer, you want to become a best-in-class member of the total complement of solutions purchased by an entire neighborhood.

Solution: Your team will focus on nurturing leads, closing opportunities, developing neighborhoods, and fostering complementary partnerships.  Your contact center is the super glue for customer service and sales.  Success stories, newsletters, press releases and website deliver concise, timely and relevant information.  Your website and CRM system enable customer self-service and reduce the number of mundane phone calls.

Results: Increased gross profit, neighborhood efficiencies and collaborative partnerships.

Situation: While you focus on retaining and growing existing accounts, it's mission critical to fill the sales funnel with new customer opportunities.

Challenge: You need to attract new prospects whose inertia is preventing them from enjoying the benefits that your solutions deliver.

Solution: Programs and campaigns will generate inquiries, referrals and prospects that will be nurtured to "sales ready lead" status.

Results: A consistently healthy sales funnel becomes the first step to achieving your growth objectives.  This will create positive enthusiasm and momentum throughout your organization.

"The INTAgLIO team was good to work with and facilitated easy interaction for us.  The quality review that they conducted with our major customer was excellent.  We didn't understand the misperceptions out there.  Based on customer feedback, we quickly closed the gaps and now the customer understands better what our overall capabilities are.   INTAgLIO's assessment and recommendation forced us to recognize the shortcomings of our current internal staff with respect to being able to implement specific marketing and sales programs."       Tom Perrone, bkm Technology Group, General Manager

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